Chain Preferences

Update Chain RPC Providers

If you're facing difficulties with submitting transactions or fetching data from RPC providers, navigate to Preferences -> General -> Chain Preferences to adjust your RPC provider settings:

  • Click "+" to add a new provider.

  • Click "x" to remove an existing provider.

  • Click "↺" to revert your provider settings to their original default configuration.

  • To change an RPC provider's URL, simply edit the text field.

Discover alternative RPC providers through ChainList by searching for the chain name, selecting a provider from the list provided, and copying & pasting their URL into Camo Wallet:

The sequence in which you arrange multiple RPC providers is significant. Camo Web Wallet employs a failover approach, defaulting to the highest-ranked provider unless it encounters failures or timeouts. After updating your provider settings, click the "Confirm" button to save changes and then refresh your browser.

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