Questions related to the transfers/withdrawals

What should I do if I can't find any options in the transfer/withdrawal forms?

To initiate a withdrawal, your assets must be marked as SPENDABLE on your account page.

Upon the status of your assets changing to SPENDABLE, the transfer/withdrawal forms will become accessible. Please note that these options may require a few seconds to load; we appreciate your patience.

Why can I only transfer or withdraw a certain amount of tokens when I have a larger balance?

Mystiko utilizes a ZCash-inspired JoinSplit commitment/nullifier framework, allowing the combination of N commitments as inputs and the creation of M commitments as outputs. For Camo Web Wallet, the upper limit for N is set at 2, and similarly, M's maximum is also 2. Handling a greater number of input commitments demands more computational resources to generate zero-knowledge proofs. As Camo Web Wallet operates within a browser, it is constrained by the computational resources available and is less efficient compared to native applications. Consequently, Camo Web Wallet currently restricts the maximum number of input commitments to 2. The maximum amount for a single withdrawal corresponds to the aggregate of the two largest commitments. If you possess more than 2 commitments, multiple withdrawals will be necessary. Looking ahead, the introduction of a native version of Camo Wallet (for desktop or mobile) may permit an increase in this limit.

What can be done if my withdrawal transaction is stuck at 'Submitting Withdraw Transaction'?

This issue may arise due to various factors:

  1. The MetaMask popup window for transaction submission was overlooked.

  2. Camo Web Wallet encountered difficulties in connecting with MetaMask.

  3. Camo Web Wallet was unable to fetch certain contract data from RPC providers.

For issue 1, click on the MetaMask icon to verify if there's a transaction awaiting submission.

For issue 2, try disconnecting and then reconnecting your MetaMask account with Camo Web Wallet.

What should I do if I haven't received tokens at the specified address despite a 'SUCCEEDED' transaction status?

Navigate to History -> Withdraw History, click on the ID of the problematic withdraw, and then click "Fix Status" to correct the status of the withdraw transaction:

How can I resolve a pending MetaMask transaction for a transfer/withdrawal that's been waiting for confirmation for hours?

If your transaction remains unmined several hours after submission, it's likely that the gas price set was too low to incentivize miners. To accelerate your transaction in MetaMask, you can follow these instructions.

Be aware that speeding up the transaction may result in a change of the transaction hash, which could affect the accuracy of your transfer/withdrawal status and balance as displayed in Camo Wallet. You could Trigger Synchronizationto fix the inaccuracies.

What is a Gas Relayer, and what are the benefits and costs associated with using it?

Mystiko utilizes Gas Relayer technology, enabling a relayer to conduct transfer and withdrawal transactions on your behalf. This approach offers several advantages:

  • Eliminates the need for native tokens at the recipient address to cover gas fees.

  • Enhances privacy by employing a consistent address for gas fee payments.

However, this convenience incurs certain costs. Gas Relayers levy the gas fees in addition to a 0.1% fee (subject to change) of the tokens being transferred or withdrawn. Therefore, consider opting for this service based on your specific needs.

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