Create New CAMO Wallet

  • If you don't have a CAMO Wallet private account or would like to create a new CAMO Wallet private account, go to for wallet creation.

  • Click the “Create Wallet” button to create a new wallet.

  • Set up CAMO Wallet password. Please make sure that the password meets the security requirements.

  • CAMO Wallet will generate a set of mnemonic (secret phrases) for you. Click the “reveal” button to reveal the mnemonic. Write down the mnemonic and store it in a safe place for verification in the next steps. Your wallet mnemonic phrase can help you easily backup and restore your wallet.

    • ❗️Do not disclose your wallet mnemonic to others. Once anyone holds the mnemonic phrase for the wallet, they can control your assets.

  • Verify your CAMO Wallet by selecting each word of your wallet mnemonic phrase in the exact order as mnemonic phrases. When wallet verification is completed, you will be directed to the CAMO Wallet account page.

    • ❗️Please make sure you have copied and saved your wallet secret keys in a secure place for account safety and potential account recovery. You may also export a Mnemonic (secret phrase) in ‘General Setting’ with the correct wallet password)

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