Import Existing CAMO Private Account

When users log out of their previous CAMO Wallet, or the account info was erased from the browser, users might not be able to view the assets of accounts associated with this wallet immediately when logged in again - Users will need to import the accounts of this wallet with account secret keys.

❗️Reminder again: please always make sure your account secret keys were exported and backed up in a safe place. Learn how to export account private keys in the previous section "Export Existing CAMO Private Account".

To import the existing CAMO Wallet account:

  • Users could import CAMO Wallet account via

  • Type in the secret key of the CAMO Wallet account to be imported and name this account.

    • Learn about how to find your private account secret key in the previous section.

  • Imported accounts and private assets associated with this account will be automatically synced and added to CAMO wallets, and shown on the CAMO Wallet account page.

    • ❗️We will once again remind you to back up your secret key in a secure place

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