Questions related to the deposits

What should I do if my deposit status remains 'QUEUED' for a prolonged time?

A QUEUED status typically suggests that a deposit has yet to be rolled up. Generally, deposits are rolled up within an hour. To verify the status of your transaction, visit the Mystiko Explorer and search for your deposit's transaction hash:

  1. The status of the deposit transaction should read SUCCEEDED rather than QUEUED.

  2. If your deposit is still awaiting processing, it will be rolled up once the system aggregates it with other transactions. This can take longer during periods of low transaction volume, as the system may delay to batch a larger number of transactions together.

If your deposit has been rolled but your balance in the Camo Web Wallet still shows as confirmed but not spendable, navigate to Account page, click the sync icon located on the right side of your Mystiko Address. Once it is done, you asset status should be updated.

If the balance is still not showing as spendable, try Import Private Assets with the deposit/transfer transaction hash.

How do I address a 'FAILED' deposit status if the tokens were transferred to the Mystiko contract?

Navigate to History -> Deposit History, click on the ID of the failed deposit, and then click "Fix Status" to correct the status of the failed deposit transaction:

If this does not resolve your issue, you may need to manually Import Private Assets

What steps should I take if my deposit fails due to 'execution reverted'?

This error may occur if you've previously completed a successful USDT deposit on Ethereum and granted an allowance exceeding what was necessary for that deposit. Subsequent deposits might fail due to the remaining allowance being insufficient. This issue is specific to USDT on Ethereum and does not affect other chains or assets, as they adhere to the standard ERC20 version, which permits dApps to overwrite the previously approved allowance. However, with USDT on Ethereum, if the approved allowance is not zero and falls short for a deposit, you must first nullify the existing allowance by initiating a new approval transaction with the value set to 0. Afterwards, you can proceed with future transactions by setting the approval to the correct amount.

To reset the existing allowance to zero, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the USDT contract page on Etherscan.

  2. Select the “Contract” tab, then click on “Write Contract” followed by “Connect to Web3”.

  1. Connect your MetaMask account that holds native ETH tokens.

  2. Locate the approve function, enter 0x01BC19b166986431F3f2A348497C4634defb4C29 in the _spender(address) field, and 0 in the _value(uint256) field.

  1. Click “Write.” A MetaMask prompt will appear; proceed to complete the transaction within MetaMask.

  2. After the transaction has been confirmed, you can return to Camo Wallet to initiate a new deposit.

How can I resolve a deposit failure caused by 'insufficient balance'?

If you encounter an "insufficient balance" error during a deposit, it typically indicates that the MetaMask account currently connected does not have an adequate balance of the token you're attempting to deposit, inclusive of the rollup fees. If you have multiple MetaMask addresses connected, please verify which one is actively linked to Camo Wallet; this information can be found in the top-right corner of the header:

What can be done if my deposit transaction is stuck at 'Submitting Asset Approving Transaction' or 'Submitting Deposit Transaction'?

This issue may arise due to various factors:

  1. The MetaMask popup window for transaction submission was overlooked.

  2. Camo Web Wallet encountered difficulties in connecting with MetaMask.

  3. Camo Web Wallet was unable to fetch certain contract data from RPC providers.

For issue 1, click on the MetaMask icon to verify if there's a transaction awaiting submission.

For issue 2, try disconnecting and then reconnecting your MetaMask account with Camo Web Wallet.

What can I do if my MetaMask deposit transaction hasn't been confirmed after several hours?

If your transaction remains unmined several hours after submission, it's likely that the gas price set was too low to incentivize miners. To accelerate your transaction in MetaMask, you can follow these instructions.

Be aware that speeding up the transaction may result in a change of the transaction hash, which could affect the accuracy of your deposit status and balance as displayed in Camo Wallet. Please refer to How do I address a 'FAILED' deposit status if the tokens were transferred to the Mystiko contract? to ensure your balance and deposit status are correctly updated.

How is the rollup fee calculated for deposits?

Please refer to Cost Estimation and Disclosure for more detailed information.

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