2. CAMO Wallet Management

CAMO Wallet is one of the flagship applications of Mystiko.Network and a demo of how Mystiko.Network supports private transactions. CAMO Wallet is a pure off-chain application for managing all deposited Private Assets created with Mystiko's privacy protocol. CAMO Wallet is NOT a replacement of the commonly used blockchain wallets, e.g. MetaMask, imToken, Trust Wallet etc. CAMO Wallet only manages the private assets you deposited into Mystiko's deployed contracts, managing regular public assets or managing other private assets created by different privacy protocols is out of its scope.

❗️Important Notice❗️

To better secure your CAMO Wallet data, please back up your mnemonic words and account secret keys on other storage layers, i.e. your local storage. CAMO Wallet is a pure frontend web application and all data will be stored in your web browser - if you lost or erased the browser data, you can only restore your data with mnemonic or private key. Therefore, please take care of your browser's data storage with caution. Enjoy your ride with us!

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