Questions related to synchronization

Why is synchronization necessary for Camo Wallet, and how can I expedite the process?

Given Camo Wallet's emphasis on privacy, scanning and decrypting encrypted commitments that belong to you necessitates access to a contract's full data. Additionally, creating a Merkle Tree—which facilitates the generation of zero-knowledge proofs for Merkle inclusion paths—also requires comprehensive contract data.

Synchronizing with particularly active chains and assets could significantly prolong the process. This is because Camo Wallet must download hundreds of thousands of commitment data to your local device, a task constrained by available network bandwidth and computing power. Consequently, some users might face synchronization times extending to several hours.

To streamline the synchronization process, consider these suggestions:

  1. Only Enable Full Synchronization if it is necessarry.

  2. Configure Full Synchronization to only the chains and assets you have interacted with or plan to interact with.

  3. Prefer using Camo Wallet on a desktop computer or laptop over a mobile device.

  4. Keep only one Camo Wallet tab open in your browser to avoid multiple instances.

  5. Disable your VPN or proxy if it's compromising network stability.

How can I check if the Camo Web Wallet is nearly synchronized with the latest chain height?

Click the sync icon in the header menu bar to view the current synchronization height of the chains. Compare these figures with those on explorers(Ethereum Explorer, BNB Chain Explorer, Base Explorer, Polygon Explorer, Avalanche Explorer). Typically, Ethereum should lag by fewer than 100 blocks, while non-Ethereum chains should lag by fewer than 500 blocks.

Why doesn't my asset balance show after clearing synced data?

If you have Clear Synced Data, your balance will not be displayed until the wallet completes a synchronization or Import Private Assets. This is because Camo Web Wallet determines your balance by scanning all commitment data and decrypting those that belong to you. Without the commitment data, Camo Web Wallet is unable to calculate the balance. Therefore, it's essential to Trigger Synchronization afterward.

Will Camo Web Wallet synchronization continue if I close the browser tab?

No, Camo Web Wallet operates entirely through client-side processing. If you close the browser tab, all ongoing processes will be halted. It does not continue running in the background, nor does it utilize servers to carry out processes on your behalf. Consequently, if you have an active synchronization or pending transactions, it's crucial to allow these to complete before closing the browser tab.

What should I do if synchronization crashes my browser?

Additionally, you can consult Why is synchronization necessary for Camo Wallet, and how can I expedite the process? for tips on accelerating the synchronization process.

If you continue to experience crashes, consider Import Existing CAMO Wallet to a different browser or device.

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